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Tales of Young Shyvana 1: On Birthdays
The leather-bound books were old. Nowhere near ancient, but they certainly showed the wear and tear of several particularly neglectful years. The golden yellow and bright blue dyes that had been worked into the shining symbol of Demacia on each cover had faded, seeming to soak up the light where once they had dazzled and glittered. Shyvana smiled a bit, running a hand over a worn cover or trailing fingertips down a ragged and bent spine. She opened the oldest one and laughed softly at the poor penmanship and the way the ink had smeared here and there, or pooled on the page as her hand hesitated between strokes. With a faint chuckle she sat down and adjusted her cloak slightly, turning to the first page of her first diary, eyes glowing softly in the dim light as she began to read the words that Jarvan had helped her write.
Dear diary,
Hello, my name is Shyvana. How are you? I am doing well. Today is my birthday, and you are my present. My very first present on my very first proper b
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Sudden Inspiration, Sudden Realization
There was a sudden, loud ripping noise, followed immediately by a shocked cry that echoed within the white unicorn's workroom.
"No! Nonono! Stop!"
Rarity threw her hooves up in the air in frustration, and groaned as the sewing machine ground to a halt. That was the third piece of Salish silk that her sewing machine had shredded and she barely had enough left to complete her client's request. With a sigh she slumped against her worktable and prodded the machine. The extra pieces had been set aside to become part of her birthday present to herself, a lavish new gown and some almost decadently comfortable sleepwear, but instead she had already wasted half her day picking chunks of what could have been her new nightie off of the floor.
She took her scissors and began the task of, once again, carefully removing as much of the material as she could salvage from the mass wrapped around the needle. Salish silk was an almost unbelievable hassle to work with before being treated with a special s
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Luna's Best Night Ever 11
The first thing that Luna noticed about Fluttershy, besides her extreme shyness and delicate nature, was her bedside manner. The moment she had been filled in on what had happened she had asked to be moved next to where Twilight was to assist in binding her wound and examining the damage. Luna had honestly expected her to be more squeamish, but she supposed that spending all her free time serving as a caretaker for animals had exposed her to many unsavory things, and her overflowing concern for her friend likely blinded the pegasus to the grotesque nature of their work.
Nightmare Moon had, thankfully, missed Twilight's heart, but the wound was deep and had more than likely punctured a lung. Luna tried casting a simple healing spell to stop the bleeding, but her horn ached too much to focus properly. Once they were certain Twilight could be moved safely Applejack carefully lifted Twilight onto Luna's back to take her to the hospital, before scooping Fluttershy up to do the same, and wit
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Luna's Best Night Ever 10 Part 2
Silver Verve stared at Celestia, eyes wide. The princess returned her gave to the gardens and sighed. He looked down at the floor, the gears in his head whirling. He stood up slowly, shaking his head.
"I... I don't believe it. So Luna is... was... Nightmare Moon?"
Celestia nodded.
"Some small part of her was transformed by Discord, as damaged and fragmented as the moon was by the time he was done with it. And while my magic could pull together the pieces of the moon and bind them together once more, there was nothing I could do for my sister. By the time I realized that the Elements of Harmony were the key to mending her broken mind, she had already been consumed."
The colt shuddered slightly as he pictured Luna, wrapped in a veil of shadows and transforming the landscape into a twisted nightmare realm.
"So what are you going to do, princess?"
Celestia's lips curved into a wry smile. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she turned to face Silver, smiling broadly.
"Do? I've already done it. I
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Luna's Best Night Ever 10 Part 1
Celestia giggled to herself as she lowered the last doll into place and tied a rope around it, attaching the other end to the large metal spring. With a flick of her horn she levitated pigments from their pots and gave the blank face the scariest expression she could think of. It ended up somewhere between terrifying and shocking, and she smiled as she examined her work. Silver Verve would be coming back any minute now, and when his hooves caught the thin tripwire in the doorway it would spring the trap, locking him in a wicker cage and dangling the hoof-crafted horrors over him.
Celestia smirked. It would serve him right for the stunt he pulled with the mane gel. Addressing the court at Canterlot with an afro was anything but dignified, especially when everypony was too intimidated to mention it. She wondered if Luna had put him up to it, or if he simply felt inclined to continue the prank war on her behalf while she was away.
The sound of hoofsteps from the hallway caught her attenti
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Worth Suffering For
The night air was brisk to say the least, and Rarity would have much preferred to be inside and out of the harsh chill. It definitely wasn't something she delighted in. Harsher still, though, was the expression on Sweetie Belle's face, and the glare with which she had looked at Rarity after her failed attempt to reconcile. Rarity watched, shocked, as Applebloom and Sweetie Belle walked away, their forms receding from the campfire and fading into the darkness of the woods. She hesitated for a moment and sighed softly, glancing at Applejack. She took a few steps towards her, trying to keep her voice low enough that the fillies wouldn't overhear.
"Well, that apology went swimmingly. Applejack, why do you have to be so good and make me look so bad?"
Applejack chuckled and gestured to the unicorn.
"Oh Rarity, once again you're thinkin' about yourself. Bein' sisters is a give and take. You've been doin' a whole lotta takin', but you haven't been doin' a whole lotta givin'."
Rarity thought fo
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Luna's Best Night Ever 9
Sleep always felt strange to Luna. It was like willingly entering a void, shutting out the world and entering a place where only she existed. Other ponies dreamed when night came, but often Luna felt like the hours she spent awake were the dream and the time she spent asleep was the cold reality, crushing loneliness mixed with a pleasant sense of calm and ease. It was a sensation she had grown used to during her imprisonment, albeit not by choice.
She opened her eyes lazily and yawned, hoof reflexively covering her mouth to politely conceal the action. One by one her senses sharpened and her connection to the waking world returned. The stars had progressed of their own volition and she took a deep breath, tracing their paths to work out how far along they were. Her eyes widened at the realization that hours, not just one or two, had passed since she had begun her nap. She hopped off of the couch and ran to the window. The cold light of morning was already beginning to tinge the horizon
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Luna's Best Night Ever 8
Luna had expected the panicking. Being honest and open was refreshing, but she knew that it also had consequences. Twilight's stunned expression and slight, nervous twitch seemed to indicate that the consequence of telling the truth about the gala and Nightmare Moon was the total mental collapse of the purple mare.
"Nightmare Moon is... back?"
Luna nodded and Twilight's mouth moved, forming words that came out as faint whispers and quiet babbling.
"Twilight? I... didn't mean to hide it from you. I was ashamed of what I had done at the gala, and I still am. I've been trying to figure out the best possible way to correct things and-"
"That's not what I'm worried about. How long have you known?"
Twilight's eyes were focused and her fear seemed to have rapidly shifted to anger. Luna wondered if being screamed at by Twilight for making a huge mess of things was better or worse than having to fight Nightmare Moon again on her own.
"Known... about Fluttershy?"
Twilight nodded, standing up.
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Luna's Best Night Ever: SS1
The walk back to Sweet Apple Acres was usually a long one, but Applejack barely noticed the time pass by as she walked. The path seemed to meld together into a single, drawn out moment and she didn't remember each step as she took it. Her mind was somewhere else entirely, wondering where Rainbow Dash had flown off to after the party. Not only had she disregarded everypony's concern by not staying in bed and resting, but she hadn't stuck around at the party to at least say hello to her friends.
Applejack adjusted her hat a little and looked up at the sky. The clouds were sculpted into roses and the afternoon glow made them look golden, but there wasn't a trace of a rainbow trail or blue blur to indicate where the pegasus might be. She kicked a stone and watched it skitter along the path before bouncing into a ditch and sighed.
It was bad enough that Rainbow Dash never seemed to care when she got hurt. Every bump, scrape and bruise got shaken off like it was nothing, even when everypony
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Coral's Journal
I dare not write this in any of my other journals. Already ponies have called me mad for my theories of a city beneath the sea, and any evidence I have presented has been laughed at instead of challenged scientifically. If anypony caught wind of this discovery- But I digress. My name is Coral Situ, unicorn mare and scholar of all things under the sea. I have discovered a specimen that I have dubbed a "sea pony". Upon closer inspection I determined that she was wounded, unconscious, but still alive. To call this the discovery of a lifetime would be diminishing its importance. It's more like the discovery of the century. I enlisted the help of Carrot and his wife and we loaded her into the cart. I am eternally thankful that I convinced them that my expedition to the cove was little more than a day out by the beach, I would have never managed to transport her on my own. We are now approaching Ponyville and I can barely contain my excitement. All of my research, all the clues pointing towa
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Luna's Best Night Ever: 7
The front door was locked and Luna felt awkward standing there in the long silence between knocking and Twilight finally opening the door. Luna ached all over and smelled vaguely of sweat, blood and dirt. She could still feel the chill along her horn from the black fire, and although she supposed it was keeping a splitting headache from forming it was uncomfortable in its own way. She smoothed out her mane and tail as best she could and was in the process of wiping her horn down a second time when the handle turned.
"Welcome back, Luna."
Twilight was absolutely beaming and Luna momentarily forgot where her hoof was rubbing until Twilight's cheeks began to turn pink, then light red. Luna's face lit up scarlet as she released her horn and her hoof made an audible thud as it struck the ground. Both of them attempted smiles that did little to make the situation any less embarrassing for either of them. The silence dragged on and Twilight gave a small cough. Luna faltered for a moment befor
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Luna's Best Night Ever: 6
Luna felt confident. The thousand niggling doubts that had clouded her mind evaporated with a smile and a chuckle. She felt like she could do anything, especially after what she had just said to Twilight. She looked up at the sky for a moment and realized that all she had done was admit to liking her, nothing more. Her victorious attitude deflated slightly as she imagined Twilight waving aside what she had said as little more than an acknowledgement of friendship. She made a silent vow to properly express herself when the next ideal moment came along.
The streets were pleasantly quiet and Luna relished the peace. Vendors were packing away their goods and closing shop for the day and everypony was making the slow, lazy trip home from wherever their day had taken them. The setting sun turned their shadows into tall, majestic creatures that roamed the streets with elongated strides that carried them a few graceful inches before halting. Luna was too busy admiring them to notice the ponies
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Luna's Best Night Ever: 5
Luna spent the rest of the party with her eyes glued to the necklace. Neither of the other two Elements present at the party had manifested a focus for their power, which made it all the more troublesome that the pink mare had apparently called hers forth. Luna hoped that it was instinctive, a reflex action. The Element of Laughter had told her to lighten up, perhaps it was just something that happened whenever they were embodying their nature to its fullest extent. The troubling part was that nopony besides her seemed to even notice it existed.
She decided to ask Twilight once she had the nerve again. After having studied the Elements for so long under Celestia's orders she'd surely have some sort of explanation for it, especially if it was innate magic like that of a unicorn. She was so lost in thought that she collided with something soft and purple. She blinked and found herself face to face with Twilight's flank. Twilight turned to look at her, eyebrow raised. Luna let out a soft,
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Mature content
The Scent of Violets :iconthe-symbol-dynamic:The-Symbol-Dynamic 68 89
Luna's Best Night Ever: 4
The punch was cool and refreshing, if a little bland. Luna sipped it slowly and watched the other ponies at the party as they chatted and played. The music, some new style called "pop" that she had never heard of, was playing loudly and served as the backdrop for the event. The cheerful melodies reflected the happiness that everypony else was feeling. Luna finished her glass and refilled it for the third time, taking another bite from one of the cupcakes forming a neat stack on her plate. They were much too sweet for her taste but she continued to eat them in small, refined nibbles.
The moment everypony had seen her enter Luna's instincts told her to run. Instead the sudden shock of being in the spotlight had frozen her in place, sitting on the floor and unable to budge.
"Luna? Are you OK?"
She needed a way to escape the situation or shift focus away from her. Her mind searched for answers while her eyes scanned the room.
"Is something wrong? Oh! I didn't ask if you have a heart cond
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Luna's Best Night Ever: 3
Luna pulled the last of the confetti from her mane and tail. She sighed and tossed it over the side of the chariot, watching the colorful paper drift away. Celestia had given her a proper sending off, complete with banners saying things like "Do your best!" and "Go, Luna, go!" Luna wondered whether her sister was using her pranks and outrageousness as a coping mechanism or a punishment. Possibly both, she mused, a hoof resting on the suitcase where her own coping mechanism lay. She had insisted that Abby's suitcase remain by her side for the duration of the trip and managed to keep even Celly from seeing inside it.
It was somewhat saddening to think about for too long at once and Luna attempted to distract herself with mental games. She counted the clouds and imagined what object their shapes represented. Surely there was an artist among the weather patrol, because each fluffy lump of white was carefully sculpted into a delicate floral arrangement. The trails of vapor connecting each o
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PKMN: Misty's Song Comic by OneWingedMuse PKMN: Misty's Song Comic :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 312 100 Steampunk Adjustable Ring... by Create-A-Pendant Steampunk Adjustable Ring... :iconcreate-a-pendant:Create-A-Pendant 1,398 59



Daniel Haigh
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I'm a writer. If you were expecting more than that, then here you go. I'm a comic writer, a novel writer, a poet. I do short stories and poems in my free time and I'm looking for artists who can illustrate my comics. There, happy? No? Fine. I'm working on a novel at the moment. If you've any interest at all in any of those things, drop me a line sometime.

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I've been zombified!

Not really, but considering my sudden disappearing act I wouldn't be surprised if people thought I was dead. Time for another recap thingie while I finish up my Shyvana fanfic and contemplate finishing up my Veigar comic that still needs an artist. Speaking of which, if anyone can commit themselves to a 4 volume, 22-page-a-volume story about a tiny, maniacal wizard explaining how he became a tiny, maniacal wizard, let me know.

I'm a manager now. Whoo. Middle management is not as fulfilling as I thought it would be. Still, it's a step up from spending all my time typing up reports, leaving me less stressed and with more time to work on things like...

My novel, which is now done. Kinda. Rough draft finally finished, now it's being polished and revised and my God they never really tell you how much effort it is to proof your own tome of work. I'm not letting it see the light of day until I'm sure that it's as good as I can make it without locking it in a desk drawer for a month until I forget all about it. Speaking of writing...

I've got scripts and outlines and stuff for a whole bunch of things people might be interested in, like the next chapter of Worth Suffering For and a revamped and reworked Ridley Reborn, along with some more League of Legends stuff to follow the Shyvana story I'm wrapping up. I've got an original story that I'm toying with as well in between bursts of shredding pages of my novel and weeping red ink. My hands are, even now, stained with red dye from all the editing work. Since my novel is mostly in the editing stage of things and I can only do that for so long as once before the words stop making sense I've been doing a lot of side projects that don't go anywhere just to keep things flowing smoothly. Some of that effort has gone into the aforementioned comic and stories, and some of it has gone into looking for an agent or planning a trip to Canada in the Calgary area from 6/27-7/3, print out your favorite story and grab a pen then hunt me down for a signature, poke me now, beat the rush. Alternatively you could poke me now and tell me what you'd like to see from me next, and I can get back to this last little bit of revision so I have something to show for my absence. 16 pages of something. Yay.
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